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How to get rid of your spouse but keep the dog

Attorney skilled in matrimonial law tells how to prove that Fido will be happier with you than your soon-to-be ex Originally printed in The Mercury News Divorcing couple have long fought over parental custody, but more and more, judges are being asked to decide who...

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Why January is the cruelest month for celebrity sweethearts

Originally printed in the New York Post by Richard Morgan With the holidays in the rear-view mirror and New Year’s resolutions still fresh, January has traditionally been the busiest month for divorces. And this year is no exception. Among the rush of early year...

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What Would Happen If Melania and Donald Trump Got a Divorce?

Originally printed in Town & Country Magazine by Corynne Cirilli Eavesdrop on a steakhouse lunch between divorce attorneys and you’re likely to hear them engaging in their current favorite sport: speculating on the marital arrangement between Donald and Melania...

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Bitcoin the New Mattress Full of Cash for Divorce Cheats

Originally printed in Bloomberg by David McAfee Soaring Bitcoin and other unregulated digital currencies are giving husbands and wives a new way to hide money in a divorce. The perceived privacy and anonymity that cryptocurrencies afford users make them attractive...

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This Is the Most Popular Age to Get Divorced

Originally printed in Bravo TV After walking down the aisle on your wedding day, and saying 'I Do' to a lifetime with your partner, the last thing you think about is whether or not your relationship will one day come to an end. But, in the United States alone, about...

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